Kente Scrub Cap
Kente Scrub Cap
Kente Scrub Cap
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Kente Scrub Cap

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The Kente is among our most colorful and lively medical bouffants. Just one glance at it is like pulses of vibrant music, a lively tune thrumming and rippling out across the land, demanding that your heart beat and feet step to the rhythm.

We're truly thrilled to present to you the traditional and vibrant patterns of garments. All Tribal Wave medical bouffants are handcrafted by Nigerian experts with 100% wax cotton (Ankara,) achieving the finest quality and showing off the liveliness of traditional African tribal patterns.

Features of the Scrub Cap

  • 100% African wax cotton
  • Satin inner lining
  • Handcrafted by experienced garment workers
  • The Kente bouffant is ideal for individuals with long hair and want to ensure it will be covered entirely in the operating room.
  • Kente short is ideal for those with shorter hair/most males.
  • Both bouffant and short scrub caps have a tie to help secure the cap.
  • The inner lining is SATIN to protect hair from shedding or drying out over time.
  • Built-in tie and stretchy band at the back for a snug fit.
  • Ideal washing method: Hand wash ONLY with cold water, air dry.

About our Scrub Caps

The Kente is a premier Tribal Wave medical bouffant, and that means that it's not complete without its satin inner lining. We feature these inlays in all our head apparel to protect hair and prevent hair loss in even the most challenging conditions. Unlike cotton, satin will not generate heat through friction which causes breakage, or absorb the oils from your hair which causes dulling. Satin keeps your hair shining and smooth.

Like all our headwear, the Kente is conveniently available in sizes for both short and long hair. No matter your hair length or style, Tribal Wave is ready to provide the comfort, durability, and gorgeous African patterns that you want and deserve.


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