Jua Scrub Cap, Limited Edition Drawstring
Jua Scrub Cap, Limited Edition Drawstring
Jua Scrub Cap, Limited Edition Drawstring
Jua Scrub Cap, Limited Edition Drawstring
Tribal Wave

Jua Scrub Cap, Limited Edition Drawstring

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The Jua - with its concentric and sprawling prints of vivid green, indigo, and brown - is inspired by the sea and those who make their living on the water. It is one of the more understated items in our African scrub cap collection, but it speaks volumes to those willing to listen.

Features of the Scrup Cap

  • 100% African wax cotton
  • Satin inner lining
  • Handcrafted by experienced garment workers
  • The Jua bouffant is ideal for individuals with long hair and want to ensure it will be covered entirely in the operating room.
  • Both bouffant and short scrub caps have a tie to help secure the cap.
  • Jua short is ideal for those with shorter hair/most males.
  • The inner lining is satin to protect hair from shedding or drying out over time.
  • Built-in tie and stretchy band at the back for a snug fit.
  • Added drawstring on the bouffant cap (please note drawstring should be handled gently and used to tighten cap)
  • Hand wash ONLY with cold water, air dry.

About our Scrub Caps

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stand for your heritage while enjoying the comfort of a satin-lined medical bouffant. The quality satin lining means that you won’t have to deal with hair breakage from increased friction, especially if you have to wear the cap for extended periods of time.

One of the great things about the Jua is that it comes in two sizes, whether you’re interested in the Jua short or the longer Jua medical bouffant.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that the Tribal Wave medical bouffant is created by artisans in Nigeria.

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