Get to Know Our Satin-Lined Scrub Cap

All of our caps are made of 100% African wax print cotton, also known as Ankara, and lined with fine satin. This extremely soft material is known for its beneficial effects of haircare and hair loss reduction.

Hand-Crafted with Satin Comfort

Every one of our premium satin-lined scrub caps are meticulously handcrafted by experienced Nigerian artisans and constructed of 100% African wax cotton, otherwise known as Ankara. Once finished, all of our caps are lined with a smooth satin inlay to protect your healthy hair.

So, you don’t have to worry about your hair paying the price while keeping your workplace hygienic. All while your satin-lined cap also serves as a beautiful symbol of African culture and history.

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Key Features of the Satin-Lined Hats

  • 100% Ankara craftsmanship made by real artisans of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Hand washable in cold water for a usability that lasts years
  • Smooth satin inlays to promote healthy hair and reduce breakage, dulling, and can help combat baldness
  • Designed to be worn over or in place of the N95 medical mask
  • African-inspired designs in a variety of colors and patterns to suit any fashion and occasion
  • Designed for hair of any length and style
  • Sturdy tie strings and supportive elastic bands in long hair models
  • Clear buttons at the ears for quick fastening of medical masks



Designed with Healthy Hair in Mind

Unlike cotton, satin doesn’t absorb oil or cause heat through friction. Instead its designed to resist oil, and its smoothness allows hair to slip and slide against it without generation any additional heat.

Not only does this prevent tanging and snarling inside the cap, but it promotes healthy hair by avoiding the problems caused by cotton and other synthetic materials. This results in hair that remains neat and smooth, maintains its luster, and reduces breakage over time.

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Every Tribal Wave cap, hat, and bouffant are lined with satin. And since our satin lined caps come in multiple sizes, you don’t ever need to worry about a poor fit or outgrowing them.