How to Wear Your Tribal Wave Africap

Got your new satin-lined Tribal Wave Africap? We know you’re excited to wear it! There are multiple ways to wear an Africap and you can surely find a technique that best suits your style and hair type or length. To get you started, one of our lovely brand ambassadors, certified registered nurse anesthetist Crystal, shares how she wears hers. Check out her video:

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Easy Steps to Wearing Tribal Wave Africaps

Be ready to head out for work with your Tribal Wave satin-lined medical scrub cap with these easy steps from Crystal:

  1. Hold your Africap by the elastic with the backside facing away from you and the front side facing you.
  2. Put the front part on first, then punch your hair up into the cap, flipping all the hair underneath.
  3. Once all of the hair is in the cap, take the ties, then tie them in the back. You can either leave them hanging by your shoulders or tie them one more time like a shoelace.

It’s that easy!

Here’s what Crystal says in the video:

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