About Us

Meet the husband and wife behind Tribal Wave

Building Tribes and Making Waves.  Tribal Wave

The name Tribal Wave came during a surreal moment while on a surgical mission trip in Ghana. For two weeks, I awakened each morning to the soft sunlight of a beautiful town on the Cape Coast, which is home to the Cape Coast Castle, one of several Slave Castles in this region.

The Cape Coast is also home to the medical teaching facility of Cape Coast Hospital, where we performed general and gynecological procedures for the people of this area.

The tribal waves of Tribal Wave

One day as we traveled to the hospital, I noticed a group of men with long ropes and nets, fishing as a group –  as a tribe.

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean rhythmically vibrating off the beautiful coast of Ghana resonates with me to this day. That moment was overwhelming for me, as I reflected on my background and how it was built on the shoulders of men like this in Africa.

It was a symbolic representation of my history, a history characterized by hard work, commitment, dedication, and camaraderie. 

As I continued to practice Nursing Anesthesiology in the USA, I noticed that there was a gap in the medical apparel industry. I found very few options of ethnically-inspired medical apparel, so through this opportunity, combined with my medical experience and cultural background, Tribal Wave was born.