Mhuri Scrub Cap - Fall Collection
Mhuri Scrub Cap - Fall Collection
Mhuri Scrub Cap - Fall Collection
Tribal Wave

Mhuri Scrub Cap - Fall Collection

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The Mhuri is one of our new and favorite medical bouffants. Its pattern evokes a dense forest of tall, slender trees, richened with moss and age. Let your eyes follow, delighted by every splash of color and tempted to dare the dark beyond.

Features of the Scrub Cap

  • 100% African wax cotton
  • Satin inner lining 
  • Handcrafted by experienced garment workers
  • The Mhuri bouffant is ideal for individuals with long hair and want to ensure it will be covered entirely in the operating room.
  • Mhuri short is ideal for those with shorter hair/most males. This cap style is shallow.
  • Both bouffant and short scrub caps have a tie to help secure the cap.
  • The inner lining is SATIN to protect hair from shedding or drying out over time.
  • Built-in tie and stretchy band at the back for a snug fit.
  • Ideal washing method: Hand wash ONLY with cold water, air dry.

About our Scrub Caps

We're proud of the stunning patterns and colors of our garments Every medical bouffant is handmade by artisans of Nigeria using 100% wax cotton, or Ankara. This fine fabric ensures both quality in comfort and durability that will serve you for years to come.

Every Tribal Wave medical bouffant, including the Mhuri includes a soft satin inlay that protects your hair. Cotton and other synthetic fabrics can absorb oils and trap heat. This can build dangerous friction which results in a loss of shine, and worse, breakage. However, our satin lining safeguards your hair from those dangers and may even help to fight baldness.

The Mhuri is available in two sizes, making it convenient selection no matter if you're a man in search of a medical bouffant, or a woman who sports shorter hairstyles. Either or, we promise a comfortable fit.


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