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Ali Scrub Cap

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The Ali scrub cap by Tribal Wave offers a visual sense of confidence and heritage to take with you throughout your day. It features an array of crowns to showcase the king or queen in you. This color combo will coordinate nicely with clinical attire or business wear.

Features of the Scrub Cap

  • 100% African wax cotton
  • Satin inner lining
  • Handcrafted by experienced garment workers
  • The Ali bouffant is ideal for individuals with long hair and want to ensure it will be covered entirely in the operating room.
  • Ali short is ideal for those with shorter hair/most males. The short cap style is shallow.
  • Both bouffant and short caps have a tie to help secure the cap.
  • The inner lining is SATIN to protect hair from shedding or drying out over time.
  • Built-in tie and stretchy band at the back for a snug fit.
  • Ideal washing method: Hand wash ONLY with cold water, air dry.

About Our Scrub Caps

Our satin lined cap features is made of 100% African waxed cotton and a satin inner lining, this durable but comfortable cap is available in sizes perfect for healthcare professionals with short hair or longer hair, including locks. 

We believe in the health benefits of satin lining for our African medical caps. Not only is satin smooth enough to reduce hair damage caused by friction, but it is also non-absorbent and can reduce hair dryness and hair shedding over time.


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