LatinX Health & Medical Society: Facilitating Connection Among LatinoX Medical Professionals

Here at Tribal Wave, we don’t just make and sell satin-lined Africaps and other medical apparel. We also promote diversity in the medical field. Even though our team and primary target market are from the black population, we believe that it’s equally important to support diversity across all colors.  

For this post, we’re featuring LatinX Health & Medical Society (LHMS), a global professional membership organization catering to the Latin healthcare and life sciences community. The non-profit organization seeks to bring together Latino, Hispanic, Latin-American, and Hispanic-American medical professionals in healthcare, biotechnology, research, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical service industries.

LHMS: Their Mission

LatinX Health & Medical Society’s mission is simple yet crucial: to “promote deeper and broader professional contact, communication, and resource among LatinoX professionals.” The organization hopes to be a catalyst for opening, strengthening, and maintaining communication, as well as contact and resource exchange between LatinoX healthcare and medical professionals, stakeholders, and supporters. As such, they do not stop at reaching out to the professionals on the field, but to executives, investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, scientists, researchers, academics, and consumers as well.

LHMS: Their Vision

LatinX Health & Medical Society works hard to become “the world’s leading advocate, voice, and core connector for Hispanic-Americans and Latinos” in the international health and life sciences industry. LHMS’s end goal is to be the go-to avenue for ensuring that Latin, Hispanic, and Latin/Hispanic-American professionals and stakeholders can freely and effectively communicate and work together despite distance and other known barriers.

LHMS: Their Core Values

To help them fulfill their mission and achieve their vision, LatinX Health & Medical Society is guided by the following core values:

  •     Communication
  •     Innovation
  •     Excellence
  •     Member Focus
  •     Inclusiveness
  •     Integrity
  •     Professional Development
  •     Member Involvement

LHMS: The Present and Beyond

As of 2013, the LatinX population in the United States alone was around 60 million. It is estimated that the Latin community spends $180 billion in healthcare. LatinX Health & Medical Society recognizes the enormity of the industry and thus, wants to help ensure that every member of the LatinX community gets the information, service, and assistance they deserve.

For more information about LatinX Health & Medical Society, visit their website and Facebook page.