Handcrafted Medical Accessories Made of Ankara

Every one of our Tribal Wave medical accessories is handcrafted by skilled Nigerian artisans, using only African wax cotton (Ankara,) and sports a unique pattern. These colors and themes are designed to express the depth and beauty of your history, uplifting the spirits not only of yourself but also your colleagues and patients.

The Tribal Wave Surgical Cap

Tribal Wave Surgical Cap

Our satin lined scrub caps are more than just a hygienic way of protecting your patients. On the outside they explode with a richness of color and activity, and inside they enjoy a fine satin inlay. This added layer of protection prevents the heat and friction caused by cotton, so you won’t have to worry about breakage, split ends, or your hair drying out.

Every satin lined surgical scrub cap is also crafted for one size fits all, using generous tie-strings to accommodate anyone’s needs. They also have two clear buttons, strategically placed beneath the ears allows for convenient fastening of medical masks for quick fastening.

The Tribal Wave Bouffants 

surgical bouffant hats

Our surgical bouffant hats are much like our satin lined scrub hats in that they’re bright and lively and impossible to miss. Show off your storied heritage without a single word. We’re so confident in the style of our surgical bouffant hats that we suggest that you not think of them purely as a medical accessory, but also a fashion accessory!

Crafted with ample space for longer hair, a supportive elastic band, and tie strings, our bouffants are the perfect fit for anyone. And, of course, they’re lined with our signature satin, to prevent over-drying and other damage.

Our satin lined surgical bouffant hats will keep your hair shining and prevent over-drying.

The Tribal Wave Cloth Face Masks

Our cloth face masks, or Afrimasks, enjoy the same care and attention to fine craftsmanship and evocative patterns as all our products. Designed to work in tandem with the N95 medical mask, these are the perfect accessory to bring a little color and style to everyone’s day. Effective against 1-micron particles and re-usable, our cloth face masks aren’t only the bright choice, they’re the right choice.

All Tribal Wave products are 100% wax cotton and hand-washable in cold water.