Bouffant Surgical Caps with Sturdy Draw Strings Designed for Long Hair

Our reusable bouffant surgical caps are tailor-made for safe usage in medical settings. However, it’s not enough for Tribal Wave to provide a hygienic garment for your hair, because we also want to give the diaspora a means of expressing themselves to both patients and colleagues across healthcare. After looking ourselves, we found there to be pitifully few options available for medical workers of African descent to show off the beauty of their culture in their own workplace. And that's where Tribal Wave bouffant surgical caps come in.


Our surgical bouffant hats are handcrafted by Nigerian experts and made from 100% African wax cotton, or Ankara. Each is lined with a soft satin inlay, which is known to increase the health of hair by retaining moisture so that yours doesn’t suffer dulling and breakage. Additionally, they offer a great opportunity to show off the vibrant colors and patterns of your African heritage!

In addition to their function and beauty, our bouffant surgical caps are designed with sturdy draw-strings and a supportive elastic in-seam to accommodate even the heaviest and longest hairstyles. And two clear buttons at the ears make it easy to fasten medical masks without having to fumble around. Also, they’re reusable and washable in cold water to provide years of reliability.

Perfect for healthcare workers and a symbolic representation of our shared history and culture, our surgical bouffant hats are the ideal way to brighten your day.

Benefits of Reusable Bouffant Surgical Caps Designed for Long Hair

  • Designed for a hospital environment to keep long hair safely tucked away
  • Perfect for alternative workspaces, such as kitchens and other hygienic environments
  • Its colorful pattern also makes it an excellent fashion accessory for social occasions
  • Handcrafted by Nigerian artisans
  • 100% wax cotton (Ankara) construction
  • Satin lining for the promotion of healthy, lustrous hair
  • Clear exterior buttons to quickly fasten face masks
  • Available in sizes for short and long hair
  • Hand-washable in cold water