8 Benefits of Reusable Cloth Face Masks

Our reusable cloth face masks are specifically designed for use in hospital environments. They provide a basic physical barrier of protection between you and dangerous droplets, particles, and splashes. Additionally they also help you to express who you are to your patients and colleagues.

Having experienced the disappointment of searching out medical masks with traditional African patterns and finding none, we knew that it was our mission to make that dream a reality. That’s why Tribal Wave is dedicated to providing masks crafted in gorgeous and traditional African motifs for medical workers across the diaspora to wear with pride.

Handcrafted by the experts in Nigeria, these reusable cloth face masks are made from 100% African wax cotton (Ankara,) and designed to be worn alone – or in tandem with – the N95 medical mask. They add another layer of protection against 1-micron particles and serve as an excellent opportunity to show off the uplifting colors and patterns of your African heritage!

And for added convenience, washable surgical masks can be made to look and feel just like new with a little soak and light scrub in cold water. One size is sure to fit all with the ample tie strings provided.

Perfect for healthcare workers and a symbolic representation of our founders’ – and your – history and culture, our reusable cloth face masks are the ideal way to brighten your day.

In fact, they’re proving so popular that we’re having trouble keeping them on shelves. So be sure to order yours today!

8 Benefits of Our Reusable Cloth Face Masks

  • Designed for a hospital environment to protect against 1-micron particles
  • Can be worn over or in place of the N95 medical-grade mask
  • Its colorful pattern also makes it an excellent fashion accessory for the new age of social occasions
  • Handmade by Nigerian artisans
  • Constructed of 100% wax cotton (Ankara)
  • Double-lined for maximum protection and comfort
  • One size fits most design
  • Hand-washable in cold water