3 Tips for Choosing Scrub Caps for Nurses

Scrub caps for nurses are vital medical accessories. Nurses need them to cover their hair and keep the working environment clean and free from contamination.

When working as a nurse, you also want to work comfortably while making sure your hair is not badly messed up. Knowing the correct scrub cap to order is, therefore, crucial. To help you make a wise decision, here are three tips in choosing scrub caps for nurses.

1. Type of scrub cap

There are four main types of scrub caps for nurses. While these scrub caps come in one size fits all, they are usually designed to fit different hairstyles. These types of scrub caps include;

Ponytail Scrub Cap

Ponytail scrub caps are either designed with an opening at the back or a pouch. As the name suggests, these caps are ideal for people with long hair that you can tie back or pull into a ponytail. The scrub cap allows you to tuck your hair in the pouch for increased hair protection.

Bouffant Scrub Cap

The bouffant scrub cap resembles an over-large shower cap. It is an ideal choice for people with thick or very long hair as it has enough room to hold the hair together and ensure every strand is safely secured.

Pixie Scrub Cap

Unlike the two caps mentioned above, the Pixie scrub cap is meant for nurses with short hair.  They have a small room and are ideally created for people with a pixie haircut.

Nurses with a few inches long but thin hair can also wear the pixie scrub cap.

Disposable Scrub Hat

Most scrub caps used by nurses are reusable. But that is not possible for nurses working in highly contagious environments as they need to wear new scrub caps each time to prevent infections. Disposable scrub hats are ideal for that since they are to be disposed of after use.

2. Fabric of the scrub cap

The fabric you choose for your scrub cap will depend on your working environment and other needs, including comfort and flexibility. There are three main types of materials for scrub caps for nurses. They include; cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex.

Cotton is fluffy, breathable, light, and durable, making it ideal for areas with high humidity.

Polyester does not wrinkle or stretch, is breathable, and has moisture-wicking properties, hence an excellent choice for hot-dry weather.

Rayon fabric is lightweight and breathable, therefore, ideal for hot areas.

Spandex is stretchable and mostly blended with other materials to make scrub caps more flexible.

Most scrub caps for nurses are blends of several fabrics.  Polyester and cotton are the most common blends.

3. Color and design

Scrub caps for nurses come in different colors and designs. You can choose from several solid colors and patterns, including prints like flowers, abstracts, polka dots, and many more, depending on where you work.

You can also personalize your scrub cap to fit the needs of your health care business. Nurses can add embroidery, texts, graphics, or company logo to solid-colored scrub caps.

Scrub Caps for Nurses


Choosing a good scrub cap for nurses is an important skill. The right scrub cap will not only give you comfort and flexibility but also adds a layer of protection for your hair and prevent contamination. To ensure you make the correct decision, you must understand your needs then select the best cap that fits your requirements.