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Are all Africaps lined with satin?

What is the difference between the long and short Africap?

How do I know which Africap size to get?

What is so special about Africaps?

Can your large Africaps fit long hair?

How do I wash my Afrimask?

Are Afrimasks effective at keeping the Coronavirus away?

What are some ways I can tie my long Africap?

Can I wear this outside the hospital setting?

How does the satin lining of the Africaps keep my hair healthy?

Where does the Ankara fabric of the Africaps come from?

How are the Africaps made?

How long should I be expecting my package?

How many Africaps should I order?

How many Afrimasks should I order?

How does the Kimbia Compression Socks help my legs and feet?

How can we help your business?

Why do you call us, your customers, your tribe?

I don’t like my product. Can I exchange it?

Can I return products?

How does the gift card work?

Can I connect my hospital with your company?

Will there be custom caps?

There is something wrong with the order I received.

Will old Afrimask or Africap collections reappear?

What are my shipping options?

What happens if my item gets lost in the mail?

None of my questions were answered here, what do I do now?