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Our purpose is to provide well constructed medical apparel and become the premier source of information, inspiration, and motivation for healthcare providers of the diaspora, fostering a community of likeminded individuals that celebrate their passions.

Tribal Wave is proud to provide a health worker across the diaspora with satin-lined caps and face masks that show off the richness of their culture.

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African Print Scrub Caps, Cloth Masks & Apparel

Tribal Wave is a specialized medical apparel shop here to provide the diaspora across the medical field with the bright patterns of African culture. With our products, which include reusable face masks, surgical scrub hats, and bouffant surgical caps, you can bring your colorful heritage to your workplace while keeping colleagues and patients as safe as possible. 
Not so long ago, we happened upon a group of local fishermen while we were working in Ghana. We were already feeling a deep connection to Africa, but upon seeing them the connection further deepened in a way we could not have expected. It was a combination of what the fisherman wore, and how they moved. Their colorful patterned clothing seemed to energize their every action with pride. We’ll never forget that sight, and it inspired us to bring the same liveliness to our own profession, the medical field. 

We Inspire Because We Were Inspired.